Ancient Sky

Ancient Sky is a head-trip. A Brooklyn droney psych rock band who doesn't follow the mold of what a droney psych rock band should be. Go to a show and have your mind altered. Feel the literal vibrations of sonic-rock as they cross the threshold of your every sensory-input channel. A physical bombardment of sound and a poetic lightness-of-being in lyrical content. Like the Hubble Telescope, Ancient Sky is observing the many dimensions of existence.

Their most recent album, "All Get Out" is both lose and filled with mysterious detail - swirling synths and sounds that cannot even be defined - underneath well arranged, written and orchestrated sections.

"Brooklyn's Ancient Sky does psych rock right..." -NOISEY

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Arc Waves

'the sound the circle' is the first full length studio album from Brooklyn indie rock band Arc Waves and their first release on Campers' Rule Records. The album was recorded and mixed by Gabe Wax (Here We Go Magic, Beirut, Palehound) at Rare Book Room Studios (Deerhunter, War on Drugs, Wye Oak) in Brooklyn. Arc Waves crosses sonic boundaries to create songs that blur the lines between indie, classical and electronic music. The result is an enveloping sound that is assertive, beautiful and mysterious. They have performed at CMJ Festival, Northside Festival, Hypnocraft Presents, Rooftop Films, Bowery Presents at Mercury Lounge, Popgun Presents, as well colleges, TV, and radio (WFMU’s Dark Night of the Soul). Their Cassette Store Day Release on October 14 is exclusive to participating stores with worldwide release on November 17, 2017.

“A Brooklyn band breaking the mold...that offers something refreshing to the music scene” -HUFFINGTON POST

"a glowing tapestry of mesmeric vocals and guitars" -CONSEQUENCE OF SOUND

“forging a texturally layered sound, merging droney guitars, ethereal vocals and electronic elements with new wave influences” -THE DELI MAGAZINE NYC

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Backwords is a psychedelic-pop and folk group formed in the year 2007 in Brooklyn, NY.

They have toured the United States of America several times over in rusty old vans that always break down but always seem get them where they need to go. They have played over 350 shows including performances in over 60 unique venues spaces in New York City.

“There’s ambition here... in the writing, arranging and production — Backwords have come a ways from their more simple, folkier beginnings.” – BROOKLYN VEGAN

“NYC scene pillars.” – THE DELI MAGAZINE

“Backwords present the tightness of their family band style bond in a free and endearing manner that only bands that have been through it all together can posses.” – IMPOSE

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In January of 2011, the 3 piece all-female psychedelic pop band, Brian, went down into a quirky home basement recording studio not far from the Botanic Gardens in Brooklyn (coincidentally run by a guy named Brian) to lay down tracks for their first 7 original songs. Now, 7 years later, those sessions have been unearthed. The files were salvaged off a dusty old USB drive in a drawer full of junk. Producer, Brian Russ, opened the sessions back up, lightly polished them, and now the first and only Brian record is finally getting the release it so very much deserves. It was a magical time in Prospect Lefferts Gardens, Brooklyn, and there is truly a lot of magical pixie dust bleeding into these tracks which are all thick on the fuzz, off-kilter beats, and driving bass lines. Isabel, Adrienne and Lisa (Brian) will sometimes remind you of a power trio from the 70s. Or a flower power band from the 60s. Or more likely - something totally different. One thing can be certain - these ladies did bring a lot of candy, sweets, and treats to the sessions. You'll feel it. Lie down on your shag carpet, pop this into your walkman, and crank it up. You won't be able to stop. And you'll have no choice but to listen again and again.

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Cuss Words

Cuss Words is the project of Brandon White. Hailing from Baton Rouge, Brandon's prolific output runs the gamut from Psychedelic Pop, Grimy Guitar scuzz, Bleep-Bloop Punk and Shoegaze Country. Like many wonderful things, he is from the ridiculous Deep South. He got his start producing Hip-Hop for Louisiana teenagers and writing jingles for car dealerships. His two new albums are polar-opposites in folk-rock and pop. "Spellbreaker" is the sound of a van full of synthesizers crashing into a van of jangly guitars. "Drums For The Lonesome" is the sound of threadbare electronic blankets taking pop melodies hostage.

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Daniel Ryan Belski

Daniel Ryan Belski writes haunting folk songs that explore darkness, twilight and the nervous energy of being alive. He melds shifting dynamics with dissonance, searing melodies and ghostly harmonizations. His songs are tinged with the perplexity of the cosmos, the vastness of nature, but also the warmth of campfires and mountain hikes with friends.

A native of Philadelphia, he currently lives and operates out of Missoula, MT where he's working on a new set of recordings out of his garage.

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Fueled by booze, pizza crusts, and the cracked-up concrete of warehouse and loft floors, Gunfight! paves new paths in country, grunge, punk, pop, garage and bar music.

Imagine a country band with roots in New York City. Imagine your body exploding with uncontrollable energy and then diving off a sweaty stage. This is Gunfight!

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IOLA, created in 2013, is the musical identity of North Carolina-native (via Norway), Carey Sveen. Now living in Brooklyn, she writes eccentric folk songs with light and dark moments that brush against themes of love, religion, and the universe.

"Indie folk for quiet moments...It's like a cool, gentle breeze on a hot day" - NYLON Magazine, 2015

"...reaches beyond mere folk and elevates IOLA into the lofty stratosphere of atmospheric songwriters like Kate Bush and St. Vincent. Even with such a young career, it's clear that Sveen has a classic piece of music in her." - Elmore Magazine, 2015

"This is music to immerse yourself in, with a wave of different emotions that may arrive depending on what interests you most: her voice, sound, or lyricism. IOLA may be a new artist, but she knows exactly what she is doing." - Baeble Music, 2015

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Jenelle Leigh Campion

Jenelle Leigh Campion is a visual artist, musician, sound healer, and bodyworks specialist living in New Orleans, LA.

She uses artistic mediums, like sound, to generate healing states of cosmic awareness.

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Lone Doe

Hailing from Mirfield, England, Lone Doe (aka Yorkshire man James Smith) uses cheap, beat up and broken equipment to creates lo-fi, off kilter pop soundscapes that haunt your psyche and keep you company in the dead of night.

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Micah McKee & the Lonesome Wild

Bandleader and frontman for scores of New Orleans rock and pop projects, Micah McKee's solo outing borrows sonic strokes from every musical outfit he's ever been a part of and then some. ABUNDANCES is the product of isolation and rumination. It is a reflection on relationships, creativity, solitude, anguish, nostalgia, and all the things that we as humans need to fulfill a meaningful existence in times of uncertainty. Released on Mardi Gras Day 2021 (a Mardi Gras that has seen the cancellation of festivities in New Orleans for the first time in modern memory), ABUNDANCES was recorded almost entirely in lockdown by McKee and features a guest appearance from singer Rose Cangelosi (Fantasy Non-Fiction, Bāby Grand) and bassist Myles Weeks. The record combines electronic drums with homemade percussion and guitars, synthesizers with layered vocals and piano. ABUNDANCES attempts to strike a balance between the world we live in and one that is just beyond our reach.

ABUNDANCES will be released on limited edition cassette tape via Campers' Rule right around Mardi Gras - or officially 02/12/2021 - check back here for more info on the tape + pre-order details very soon!

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Miracle Brad

The religion of the old meets the religion of the new in Miracle Brad. Here is a pastor that today's hip teens can relate to. Here is a man unafraid of emotion. Who will shed a tear for prayer. A preacher. A unicyclist. A musician. A comedy performer. A professional. Dedicated to prayer and saving lives through his ministry of faith and prayer. Looking at him may absolve your sins.

Miracle Brad blends politics with religion the way it should be done - all at once and in your face the way you need it. He tells you who to vote for and delivers you a communion of fear and awe at the wonderment of faith. Miracle Brad will not rest until his mission is complete. Help him on his journey to help you by continuing to donate as much alms as you can.

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Nice Legs

Nice Legs are a basement pop band living in Seoul, Korea.

Their lyrics are poems. Their songs are crafted unconventionally. And expect the unexpected live.

"It's pop music that instigates day dreams, of love lost and won, of adventurous far-off lands." -GOLDFLAKE PAINT (Scotland)

"Bloom of bristling melody cut loose to float in the air." -SOUNDSCAPE MEMORIES (UK)

"Very sweet slice of dream-pop..." -THAT WAS MY JAM (Spain)

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Poodles existed for a short time. But during that time, life was rad! Because Poodles was the best pure to form surf rock band New York City had ever seen. They slayed, they swayed, and they sprayed ocean mist onto their dancing crowds. Their sets were filled with surf rock classics, mixed with original surf tunes that combined the grittiness of Bushwick, with the punk mentality of Rockaway, all with the twang of Cali vibes!

May Poodles live on forever!

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Shy Hunters

Shy Hunters came together in 2009 when vocalist/guitarist Indigo Street and drummer Sam Levin branched out of a noise project they were both playing in to create their own brand of cinematic art pop.

Shifting through moods and sonic landscapes their music manages to ride waves that are both ethereal and concrete.

Their debut album "O That I Had Wings" is set for release on April 8th, 2014. It is “a record about white-light-joy and black-hole-suffering, and the thin membrane that often separates them.”

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Spirit Plate

Spirit Plate rode a hot air balloon while listening to Paul Simon's, "Rhythm of the Saints." Spirit Plate took a vision quest listening to Built to Spill's, "Keep it Like a Secret." Spirit Plate ate a ghost pepper and tripped on the never-endingness of Van Morrison's, "Astral Weeks." Spirit Plate isn't any of those things. Spirit Plate is it's own haiku. It's own wind gust. And it's own falling star. And Spirit Plate? Spirit Plate is a pride of lions drifting to sleep under the Tanzanian sunset. Spirit Plate is a group of Flatbush Ave. teens about to tag-up some subway cars. Spirit Plate is the new exhibit at the Galactic Museum of Love.

"Spirit Plate gives me a sense of happiness and a strong urge to dance like a lunatic." -PANCAKES AND WHISKEY

"Spirit Plate offers a sound that’s both classic and psychedelic, channeling a nostalgia that visits the East, South and West simultaneously." - THE WILD HONEY PIE

"Their music has a joy to it that’s contagious, and I find it really hard not to smile while listening to them." -ADAM'S BLOG

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Talking Birds

The idea for the indie-pop band Talking Birds first germinated and took roots in the various solo projects started by Andrew McHenry, a folk singer-songwriter hailing from Central Pennsylvania. Replete with vulnerability and self analysis, the songs' doubled vocals feature solid, catchy vocal melodies that stand bare and unapologetic atop sparse instrumentation that builds, breaks, and begins again throughout.

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The Funeral Practice

The Funeral Practice believes -we can be dads- this is a record; well wait I want you to imagine a snake worshiping born again mountain dew drinking hillbilly wrote a spoken word album, left it in the rain, so decided to add music using old car parts he found in a creek where he bathed twice a week and gets his drinking water. Boils it on the same hot plate that he used to use to break down cough pills in high school and ramen in college.

Now move this Romantic period piece about 1000 miles north up the Underground Railroad to a suburban Valley segregated by school tax and flood insurance and play it backwards using a tape deck with a couple vhs broadcasts using a vernacular somewhere between 1984 and 2011, with an accent and ontology located in somewhere between Conshohokwn near Philadelphia, Wilkes Barre, and Hudson Valley, close to the heroin highway right above the. City class line.

The Funeral Practice remembers the 90s and worships the future, finds no time in the present to find love and disappear- we can be dads who also make history- because a dad not remembered by his kids is a dad to be made up or filled by something not as kind. We can be dads. Dads until death-until we hit wonder and feel the warmth of regret.

The feeling we feel we no longer can share-an unsolved mystery like Jesus-or like a million dollar baby-killed by a chair. It’s the last hug we feel right before death. It’s a wonderwarmth felt in the body and not in your head.

And .... Everyone we know or owe that we’ve tagged in debt they must attend to pay they respect for taking their offends and so they can be mend. We all have attended a practice or two, just we call it The Practice, when it’s for you.
The Funeral Practice

Wonderwarmth is a guestlist of sounds, no it’s Palls final queue. That I wish you would play on my Harvest of Ties to Celestial Lies and always in chorus I leave you with this.

I say” Tend thy Roots”
And you say
“For they now remain”
Always carried on thumb drive, cloud chain, or in some device, like ones ashes from fire, these are the sounds of my heart defining the Forget Me Knots
Now and Forever
For as long as we can define the words that I’ve written and we can still get lost in our spirits searching for the divine.

See you at The Funeral Practice
Beep Beep

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The Love Supreme


The Love Supreme transports you straight back to the golden era of Motown.

With nods to the sugary-sweet playfulness of America's favorite girl groups, the raw, passionate howls of the legendary Otis Redding, the sweaty dance floor funk of James Brown, and the rough, jagged rock n' roll charm of Neil Young, the group has locked in on a sure formula for the most wild, unforgettable live show you'll find anywhere this side of 1968.

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UN INSTRUMENT. From the border of Brooklyn and Queens. Lead singer, guitar player, and one of the songwriters from PASS KONTROL.

Glo-fi. D.I.Y. Krautrockbedroompop. Acoustic guitars and synths.

Smartphone_Mixtape was recorded in BK, NY // Warwick, NY // LA, CA // Joshua Tree, CA // Stockholm // Berlin

Smartphone_Mixtape was recorded on a smartphone and/or a 2010 laptop.

Studio On The Run.

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Brian Russ moved to Brooklyn, NY in 2005 and started playing backing guitar in some groups to get a lay of the NYC music scene. He got to play at CBGBs once before it closed its doors doing this. But after visiting an exhibit ( titled "Summer of Love: Art of the Psychedelic Era" at the Whitney museum in 2007, he was inspired to start a new band of his own, Backwords.  Based on 60s rock traditions but with a modern twist, Backwords would go on to play hundreds of shows in hundreds of venues, tour around the country, and become local staples, lasting in the scene, just about eight years or so. Nothing lasts forever, and the band broke up. 

Brian then put together a new act, based more on African inspired rhythms and chord progressions, called Spirit Plate. Spirit Plate stuck around for a couple of years, put out two records, then called it quits too. Having no band and no musical project for the first time in years, Brian reached out to his buddy Brad living in Nashville. The year was 2018 and the idea was, let's loosely put together some songs remotely. I'll record parts, send you the files. You layer new parts on top. It will be a fun experiment. What started as a batch of 3 songs, ended up becoming a full length record, and the birth of a new band, Unisex. 

The Unisex debut record, "Powerful Situations," (release date: April 23, 2021) was written and recorded over the span of three years. Started as a remote project well before the Coronavirus pandemic, the recording process had no choice but to go remote in 2020, when Brian reached out to friends around the country to lend additional tracks in order to wrap up the album. Before the pandemic hit, Brian put together a live version of Unisex with drummer Billy Fidler and Bassist Connor Zarkowski, who also lended a hand in the recordings. The trio had been rehearsing, kind of secretly, preparing to launch the band and the record together, and play their first show. Just as they sat down to book show #1 for Unisex, the shutdown happened. They ended up having to leave their rehearsal space and prolong the idea of playing live. 

Since being 15 years old and getting a hold of a mixer and then multitrack recording software called CoolEdit, Brian has been recording music on his own. That tradition was alive here on the Unisex debut LP, "Powerful Situations." It's an album entirely recorded, mixed and mastered in small apartments and attic spaces in Brooklyn, Nashville, Los Angeles, and Missoula. 

Thinking back on the entire three year process to make "Powerful Situations," it's striking that the original concept was to make a remote record, recorded in different places by people who would never be in the same room at the same time. That concept was something they wanted to experiment with two years prior to the pandemic, when for a while everyone would be forced to interact this way. The record walks through a pre and post-pandemic interpersonal dark period overlayed by a national and global time of turmoil, pain, hyporicacy and upheaval.

Songs like the first single (release date: March 21, 2021), "Let the Tide Take You," suggest simply giving up and giving in, knowing that consumerism and capitalism will one day consume us all. "Address to United Nations" brings up one of the first global appearances by then President, Donald Trump, where he used the stage to spread a message of nationalism and threaten possible nuclear war. This was at the 2016 UN summit. The record makes references to the Parkland shooting, the spreading of diseases on the New York City subway (written before the pandemic), The culture of fake news, fake tans and botox. The paranoid feeling we now live with of always needing to be ready for a possible attack. "Powerful Situations" questions the death of young artists before their prime, asks why some people hate their mothers, wonders why so many useless plastic products get shipped around the globe on those menacing massive cargo boats,  discusses the gathering of white supremacist groups and the rise of hate crimes in the Trump era, and blatantly claims "everybody is full of shit." Overall, it's a gas!

Although "Powerful Situations" was written as an initial reaction to the Trump presidency, it molded itself, magically, into a response to the pandemic. It was worked on both pre and post covid. But Brian Russ knew in his heart that it needed to be completed before the 2020 election. Not it lives as a stamp in time, reminding us of what we went through for four years, and begging us to learn and grow for all that we have survived through. Afterall, as the song, "Bernadette," dedicated to his four year old daughter, suggests "we're tiny little specks on this tiny little stone, and people sometimes forget that we share this little home."

With "Powerful Situations" out there and now released to the world, Brian is now wrapping up his next project, a debut novel, "The $100,000 President," a story set in the not-so-distant future about a woman who challenges the status quo to becomes an unthinkably cool legend in tumultuous times.

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