Micah McKee & the Lonesome Wild

Bandleader and frontman for scores of New Orleans rock and pop projects, Micah McKee's solo outing borrows sonic strokes from every musical outfit he's ever been a part of and then some. ABUNDANCES is the product of isolation and rumination. It is a reflection on relationships, creativity, solitude, anguish, nostalgia, and all the things that we as humans need to fulfill a meaningful existence in times of uncertainty. Released on Mardi Gras Day 2021 (a Mardi Gras that has seen the cancellation of festivities in New Orleans for the first time in modern memory), ABUNDANCES was recorded almost entirely in lockdown by McKee and features a guest appearance from singer Rose Cangelosi (Fantasy Non-Fiction, Bāby Grand) and bassist Myles Weeks. The record combines electronic drums with homemade percussion and guitars, synthesizers with layered vocals and piano. ABUNDANCES attempts to strike a balance between the world we live in and one that is just beyond our reach.

ABUNDANCES will be released on limited edition cassette tape via Campers' Rule right around Mardi Gras - or officially 02/12/2021 - check back here for more info on the tape + pre-order details very soon!