Cuss Words - "Spellbreaker," "Drums for the Lonesome" + A Book Titled "The Golden Rider" CRR-016

"Spellbreaker" is the sound of someone trying to not be pessimistic and ultimately losing and giving in to that kind of solipsism. It's a quiet, introspective, sit-by-the-fire folk album.

"Spellbreaker​" was mixed and engineered by John Ried.

"Drums For The Lonesome" is the yin to Spellbreaker's yang. the sound of that same person learning to worship the small moments of joy that life throws at you in total surprise and finally respecting the random turns of the universe, which eases you towards happiness. It is a record built from electricity and sub-woofers, and made to be blasted with the windows down.

In conjunction with Cassette Store Day, 2016 we are psyched to be releasing "Spellbreaker" and "Drums For the Lonesome" as a double cassette that will also be craftily packaged with a hand sewn copy of Brandon's first collection of short stories, titled "The Golden Rider."

Yes - this package is 2 albums and a book! Limited edition.