The Funeral Practice - "Wonderwarmth" (Cassette Tape + Download) CRR-025

The 2022 release from Brian Oystn's solo project, The Funeral Practice, is filled with weird blips, glitches, loops, samples, and particles from both the future and the past. It's a genome extrusion impossible to describe, sometimes reminiscent of 90s infinite sadness, 80s my bloody gloom, 2000s panda head-grooves, and a digital future we all can see, where a music creation DAW capabilities live inside your brain and you can record a song in the cloud at any moment.

Take a glimpse inside the mind of another Brian; not Wilson, not May, not Eno - but Ostyn - a little bit of all of them combined into something weirder, something new - The Funeral Practice.

Informed by the collapse of society during the pandemic, the isolation of quarantine, as well as the hypocrisy of society in general, "Wonderwarmth" does offer glimpses of hope through its industrial dystopia of sound. You'll find them the more you listen.

Limited run of translucent green, hand dubbed cassettes released on: 02/11/2022


  1. Hella Drip Future Swell
  2. Rememberthe90s
  3. Amazing Haze (Instrumental)
  4. Waiting for Stuff - Vocal Mix w Effects
  5. J.C. Behaviours
  6. Wonderwarmth
  7. Dear Failure Best Wishes
  8. Lord of the Flies
  9. Proof of Human
  10. A Christmas Quarantine