Having traveled the country several times over with his band, Backwords, Brian Russ journeyed through a vast network of underground music scenes in every imaginable genre and in every imaginable corner of the United States.  Overwhelmed by the quantity and quality of musicianship out there, he concluded that there are beautiful artists making beautiful music everywhere - but not enough labels to put them out.

Campers Rule Records started with humble beginnings.  A $1,000 personal investment and a promise to cultivate a trusting relationship between label and artist.  

Confused by the corporate-designed pittance-dispensing royalty algorithms offered to artists on today's digital streaming services, Brian started Campers' Rule with the goal to pay artists justly.  Running a label takes a lot of tedious day-to-day grunt work, but labels wouldn't go anywhere without their talent.

Campers Rule Records is set up to grow along with its artists.  As a label, we respect the integrity and direction of our musicians and know that taking risks and pushing envelops in art generates lasting beauty and success.

We believe in our artists and hope to be with them every step of the way.

Although at times we're torn when thinking about the environmental impact of physical consumer goods, Campers' Rule Records is currently dedicated to cassette tape and vinyl formats.  We still have the cassettes and records we collected since we were children and we plan to pass them on to the next generation.  There's something to be said about that.  

We operate in both a digital and analog world and great things are starting to happen when you combine the best of both.  Campers' Rule Records hopes to keep the balance between analog and digital equal.  All of our physical products will always come with a free digital download and we encourage listeners to explore the differences between tape, vinyl and mp3.  

contact:  bruss@campersrule.com

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RECORDING, MIXING, and/or MASTERING RATES: info@campersrule.com to discuss

SUBMISSION POLICY:  we will listen to all submitted materials.  please send a pretty little electronic message along with a link where we can hear your songs streaming.  do let us know about the band, your intentions as an artist and why you think we'd be a good fit.  send this to:  info@campersrule.com