IOLA, created in 2013, is the musical identity of North Carolina-native (via Norway), Carey Sveen. Now living in Brooklyn, she writes eccentric folk songs with light and dark moments that brush against themes of love, religion, and the universe.

"Indie folk for quiet moments...It's like a cool, gentle breeze on a hot day" - NYLON Magazine, 2015

"...reaches beyond mere folk and elevates IOLA into the lofty stratosphere of atmospheric songwriters like Kate Bush and St. Vincent. Even with such a young career, it's clear that Sveen has a classic piece of music in her." - Elmore Magazine, 2015

"This is music to immerse yourself in, with a wave of different emotions that may arrive depending on what interests you most: her voice, sound, or lyricism. IOLA may be a new artist, but she knows exactly what she is doing." - Baeble Music, 2015