The 2019 Campers' Rule Records Bundle (Available until 2020)



For a limited time (now until end of January 1, 2020) we are offering the ultimate Campers' Rule Records bundle for the insanely low price of just $45.00 + $5.00 shipping. It's a true eclectic mix of what we represent as a label - from surf punk, to 90s indie, to soul inspired, folk, and electro - come find the common thread that ties this label together.

What you get are 5 albums on cassette tape, 2 albums on CD, and a 7" single - - all the physical mediums!

For us, this is a $80.00 value. But beyond that, each piece of music is a total labor of love, each track hand crafted, each bit of packaging hand designed and everything pressed at such a low limited quantity, making them all very unique pieces of art.

WHAT YOU GET (and we'll probably throw in more):

1 - Brian - "Greatest Hits" album (2018) on cassette

1 - Un Instrument - "Smartphone_Mixtape" album (2018) on cassette

1 - Poodles / Lone Doe (split) - ""Unusual Beach Day / Dark Night Monuments," 2 albums (2015) on cassette

1 - Cuss Words - "Spellbreaker" & "Drums for the Lonesome" double album (2016) on two cassettes

1 - Talking Birds - "There, Now" EP (2017) on cassette

1 - "The Love Supreme" - "I Want You" 7" Single (2014)

1 - Backwords - "The Buffalo Still Roam" EP (2009) on CD

1 - Backwords - "By the Neck" album (2012) on CD

Thank you everyone!


Posted on November 27th, 2018
✿ CRR Welcomes UN INSTRUMENT ✿ Album to be Released 11/16/18 ✿ Release Show 11/17/18!

We are incredibly psyched to announce that UN INSTRUMENT will be releasing his first album "Smartphone_Mixtape" on Campers' Rule Records.

Recorded on the go, this album combines field recordings, noises, strange clips with crystalline synths, acoustic guitars, and honest reflections on life as a human being these days. No doubt you'll want to take a listen and perhaps pick up one of 50 limited edition cassette tapes, CRR-022. It's a beautifully sequenced record, with a voice, character, and vibe like nothing else.


Some words from Oliver Ralli, the truth behind UN INSTRUMENT:

Recently I've been focused on mobile recording. The more portable the set-up, the better. Dogs barking in the background? Great. Sirens screaming? Even better.

I'll be playing a release show on Saturday, November 17 @ Idlewild. 8pm. My very good friends T.M. Davy, David Kammerer, Imaginary Springs (big Mikey V) and Cotwell (sweet Roarke M) will all be playing sets. Please join us.

Thanks for listening,


Posted on November 13th, 2018
Cassette Store Day 2018 - Brian's "Greatest Hits" Record

In 2011, Campers' Rule Records was materializing as a dream. The idea was; record bands in the basement of the community house we all lived in near the Botanical Gardens of Brooklyn and release these records under the umbrella of an artist-first communal label. One of the first projects we ever got to be part of was the all-female power psyche trio "Brian," a band who we seriously loved more than just about any band from Brooklyn at that time. Brian put their faith in our ability to make their record happen with the measly setup we had down in our basement. The sessions were authentically cool, the vibes were far out, and the record was sounding oh so great. Somewhere along the way the work halted, and we were left with semi-done mixes. Life sped by, and Brian's record got tossed into the pile of unfinished projects for a good 7 years. Now, for 2018's Cassette Store Day, we are officially releasing these recordings for the first time. They have been dug up and we spent some time finishing out the mixing work we started 7 years ago. We tried to let the original tracks shine the way they were recorded back then and kept any overdubbing or addition processing to a minimum. The finished result is Brian's first and only record, "Greatest Hits." It sounds amazing!

A limited supply of cassette tapes will be available starting on Saturday, October 13th, 2018. You'll be able to order one here until the supply runs out.

Cassette Store Day is quite the event. To find out more about it, Brooklyn Vegan posted a great list of what's available here:

Or go directly to the Cassette Store Day website to find out more:

Much Love,

Posted on September 12th, 2018
Celebrating Our 20th Release - Talking Birds' "There, Now" EP

We're so psyched to announce catalog number CRR-020 - our 20th release to date, aka, Talking Birds' "There, Now" EP.

The recording of this EP happened as a complete collaboration between label and band. It was mixed and mastered by Brian Russ of CRR, and tracked by a combination of Brian and the band. It's a real treat of a record, just in time for your Springtime affairs.

Pick up a limited edition cassette now, before we run out:

Posted on April 12th, 2018
Arc Waves to Release "the sound the circle" as Part of 2017's Cassette Store Day

Arc Waves, "the sound the circle" cover art

We are pleased to announce that the Brooklyn band, Arc Waves will be releasing ‘the sound the circle,’ their first full-length album, and first for Campers’ Rule Records. Their Cassette Store Day Release on October 14 is an exclusive one-day release (Cassette Store Day USA headed by Burger Records) with worldwide release on November 17, 2017.

Listen to the first single "Walking in Space” HERE

Elaine Lachica (vocals, keyboards, bass, guitar) and Brandon Jaffe (lead guitar) met at a rehearsal space in Brooklyn in 2013 and discovered a musical chemistry and started writing songs together. Shortly thereafter, Mike Hodges (drums and drum programming) and William McCormack (bass) joined the duo, and as a quartet they began writing and performing as Arc Waves. Following the release of their 2014 self-titled EP, which gave nods to early 4AD and Factory records, bassist William McCormack left the band in 2015. As the trio searched for a new bandmate, Arc Waves’ music started to move in a new direction. When Joe Beach (bass, keyboards, guitar, vocals) joined the band in summer 2015, he brought in his versatility as a multi-instrumentalist. The band changed their approach to songwriting and a new sound emerged. Their music gained layers and textures, equal measure guitars and synths, a darker and more introspective dreamy indie rock. ‘the sound the circle’ was recorded in a five-day marathon session during a heat wave in July 2016 at Rare Book Room Studios (Deerhunter, War On Drugs, Wye Oak) in Brooklyn. Recorded, mixed and co-produced by Gabe Wax (Here We Go Magic, Beirut, Palehound), the album was mastered by Paul Gold at Salt Mastering in 2017.

Arc Waves has performed at CMJ Festival, Northside Festival, Hypnocraft Presents, Rooftop Films, Bowery Presents at Mercury Lounge, Popgun Presents, as well colleges, TV, and radio (WFMU’s Dark Night of the Soul). Album Art by Aaron Williams. Photo by Kevin Blumenthal.

Arc Waves Group Photo

(Photo L-R: Mike Hodges, Elaine Lachica, Joe Beach and Brandon Jaffe)

Hi-Res Band Photos and Album Art HERE.

'the sound the circle' Track List:

  1. Walking in Space
  2. Silviculture
  3. Hallways
  4. Baby Goose
  5. Space Age Variables
  6. Geiger
  7. Acadia
  8. Pensive Universe

Arc Waves on the Web:





Posted on September 19th, 2017