In January of 2011, the 3 piece all-female psychedelic pop band, Brian, went down into a quirky home basement recording studio not far from the Botanic Gardens in Brooklyn (coincidentally run by a guy named Brian) to lay down tracks for their first 7 original songs. Now, 7 years later, those sessions have been unearthed. The files were salvaged off a dusty old USB drive in a drawer full of junk. Producer, Brian Russ, opened the sessions back up, lightly polished them, and now the first and only Brian record is finally getting the release it so very much deserves. It was a magical time in Prospect Lefferts Gardens, Brooklyn, and there is truly a lot of magical pixie dust bleeding into these tracks which are all thick on the fuzz, off-kilter beats, and driving bass lines. Isabel, Adrienne and Lisa (Brian) will sometimes remind you of a power trio from the 70s. Or a flower power band from the 60s. Or more likely - something totally different. One thing can be certain - these ladies did bring a lot of candy, sweets, and treats to the sessions. You'll feel it. Lie down on your shag carpet, pop this into your walkman, and crank it up. You won't be able to stop. And you'll have no choice but to listen again and again.