Spirit Plate

Spirit Plate rode a hot air balloon while listening to Paul Simon's, "Rhythm of the Saints." Spirit Plate took a vision quest listening to Built to Spill's, "Keep it Like a Secret." Spirit Plate ate a ghost pepper and tripped on the never-endingness of Van Morrison's, "Astral Weeks." Spirit Plate isn't any of those things. Spirit Plate is it's own haiku. It's own wind gust. And it's own falling star. And Spirit Plate? Spirit Plate is a pride of lions drifting to sleep under the Tanzanian sunset. Spirit Plate is a group of Flatbush Ave. teens about to tag-up some subway cars. Spirit Plate is the new exhibit at the Galactic Museum of Love.

"Spirit Plate gives me a sense of happiness and a strong urge to dance like a lunatic." -PANCAKES AND WHISKEY

"Spirit Plate offers a sound that’s both classic and psychedelic, channeling a nostalgia that visits the East, South and West simultaneously." - THE WILD HONEY PIE

"Their music has a joy to it that’s contagious, and I find it really hard not to smile while listening to them." -ADAM'S BLOG