Ancient Sky - All Get Out (Cassette Tape + Download) CRR-012

"'All Get Out' still ploughs a furrow rife with guitar effects and raw-throated vocals, but with a strong sense of dynamics to keep things lively... Plug it in and feed your head, kids." -POP MATTERS

"Though mercifully not immersed in the sort of stylized anachronism in which many of their peers choose to indulge, the extent to which they sound out of place is very much to their credit... Their intent is clear, their approach is executed without distraction, and the end result comes off more cohesive than anything they've yet created." -RVA MAG

"'All Get Out' is a tripped-out journey through over 40 minutes of cloudy, folk-informed space rock." -STYROFOAM DRONE

"On 'All Get Out' psych-rock band Ancient Sky begin their surrealistic serenade taking us deep into the cosmic void." -IN YOUR SPEAKERS

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  1. 01 Wishing Well
  2. 02 Master Cleanse
  3. 03 The Trace
  4. 04 Invisible Hand
  5. 05 Mystery School
  6. 06 Trick It
  7. 07 Station
  8. 08 Hazy Mazy