Poodles / Lone Doe - "Unusual Beach Day / Dark Night Monuments" Split (Cassette + Download) CRR-015

Picture yourself sipping a spiked lemonade at the beach.  Going out to catch some waves.  Coming back in to drift in and out of a sunsoaked sleep.  Enjoying the company of close friends and beautiful people.
The waves start to get rougher.  The moon reveals itself as full.  The afternoon turns to evening and you're starting to realize what that glass of lemonade was really spiked with...

You're in for a spiritual awakening - a consciousness trip bound to open up new doors within the mind’s eye.

Campers' Rule Records (Brooklyn, NY) and Fox Food Records (Mirfield, UK) have teamed up to bring you a Transatlantic epic split for Cassette Store Day 2015.
Side A (Campers' Rule Records) features the throw-back instrumental surf sounds of Poodles, a grungy, true-to-form surf-rock band from Brooklyn.  These six songs represent Poodles first recorded music, and their first EP. 

Recorded live in a warehouse studio in Bushwick, this session was one wild party and you can hear the shouts, yips, and yells of those chillin’ out around the band as they recorded.

Side B (Fox Food Records) is a darker more introspective take at the fuzzy side of life.  Also, fully instrumental, Lone Doe gives you 4 tracks of lo-fi droning and sparse, yet coral sounds. 
Recorded on an old cassette 4 track, these tracks reinvent what instruments are meant to do and at times become instruments they are not. 

You never know where the night can take you...

We hope you enjoy our collaboration across the sea, "Unusual Beach Day / Dark Night Monuments." We couldn't have had more fun working on it.

-- Brian (Campers’ Rule) & James (Fox Food)


  1. 01 Poodles - Lil Cutie
  2. 02 Poodles - In the Tides
  3. 03 Poodles - Dig My Fins
  4. 04 Poodles - Makeout Shark
  5. 05 Poodles - 7th Inning Swim
  6. 06 Poodles - Jimmy
  7. 07 Lone Doe - Pripyat
  8. 08 Lone Doe - Gypsum
  9. 09 Lone Doe - Rivers
  10. 10 Lone Doe - A Message