Unisex - "Powerful Situations" - 2021 CRR-024

"Powerful Situations" is the debut record by the new to exist on planet earth band, Unisex. Almost three years in the making, pre and post Covid, it comes out April 23, 2021.

"Powerful Situations," in the tradition of The Talking Heads and DEVO, startles the listener into the chaos of our times and tells the story of our collective dread. Brooklyn-based songwriter Brian Russ presents the decaying world from the perspective of an everyday artist plugging away, paying rent (“I’m Not Asking for Anything Else”), tucking in kids at the end of shitty news cycle day (“Bernadette”), and spending the nights staring deep into Democracy Now! void (“Address to the United Nations”), while searching for hope and camaraderie in the music and activist art of others (“Fake Banksy,” “Amy Winehouse Approximately”). The album is a callback to all of us sitting alone in our rooms, cradling a glowing screen, looking for something deeper than another kind, vapid word in a comment box.

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Peace and love to all. Mitakuye oyasin.


  1. Old Flames
  2. Fake Banksy
  3. Address to United Nations
  4. Let the Tide Take You
  5. Charge the Gun, Flee the Knife
  6. Amy Winehouse Approximately
  7. Bernadette
  8. I'm Not Asking For Anything Else
  9. I Can Take You, I Can Take You With Me
  10. Can't Stay Calm